I wrote this poem around 2003. My time in college was coming to an end and the vast world of professional employment began to open up to me. It’s one of the few pieces of poetry that I’ve written that I like to revisit and meditate upon.

Spring Blossom

After a while I will shed my skin
and thank the powers for another time to be.
Another time to live and grow, like a spring blossom.

Brought into being by such a turbulent start,
thunder, lightning, rain giving life.
The great fear.

Where does it all end and I begin?

And then there becomes that particular quiet,
the distant final rattle of thunder over the horizon
and the haze begins to clear.

I will now finally be able to meet the sun.
Only then can I say that “I am” again.

But sometimes old snakeskin dreams lay all around me
and I choke on the dander of a different day.
Great fear returns.

My reaching heart hides where it thinks it can be safe.

No, it will not weather a new thunderhead.
A frightened child, a blossom trying to go back to seed,
to a time where it did not know of ” storms”.

And then I realize that “I am.”
That I came from this turbulence.
This is what I have come from and where I am going again.

The mind can see beyond these storms,
beyond the outrageous fortune, beyond the concepts of defeat and death–
no longer as a seed, but as a spring blossom.

© Scott Walldren